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Shaman Kuros
Status Alive
Gender Male
Rank/Title Shaman
Affiliation Raiders
Weapon Unknown
"Raider Shaman Kuros has directed his soldiers to attack your outpost. Team up with your guildmates to battle him."
— In-game Description for Boss Strike 2
"Raider Shaman Kuros has launched another boss strike on your Outpost. Team up with your guildmates to battle him."
— In-game Description for Boss Strike 8
"My people have wandered long, trained much. This is the first step in reclaiming what is ours."
— Description in the Dev Diary for the 3.0 Patch


Shaman Kuros is an enemy Raider who led his forces against the player's Outpost in the form of Boss Strikes, these occasions being "The Battle of Shaman Kuros" (2nd Boss Strike) and "The Second Battle of Shaman Kuros" (8th Boss Strike).

Shaman Kuros wears a necklace of what seems to be Teeth, and appears to be very thin, with long, gray hair and a staff. He wears numerous feather ornaments, including some on his staff and gas mask. He wears a green cloak and has an assortment of blue symbols on his mask, the feather on his staff, and on his right arm.

Like all Boss Strike leaders (except for those in the 12th Boss Strike, the Raider Warlord Challenge) he did not participate in battle.

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  • The Battle of Shaman Kuros was shown in its preliminary stages in the 3.0 Dev Diary, with a description much more different than the Boss Strike that was released to players publicly. This is interesting because the original description found in the Dev Diary hinted that Shaman Kuros and his Raiders wandered the Northern Frontier, possibly hinting that they were outcasts, like Sarin and his Raiders.