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7 Sharp-Shooter

7 Sharp-Shooter-sm
Sharpshooter/Pre 1.3
Unit Type

Light Infantry


Level 14




Damage piercing 45


Aimed Shot

Reload Time

2 Rounds




Line of Fire



1-3 Rows




Resource-time 4 Hours
Gold 4,000 Gold
Iron 600 Iron

Healing Costs

Resource-time 1 Hour
Gold 3,000 Gold
Iron 275 Iron


The Sharp Shooter is a medium-level infantry unit, able to attack from the back row on the battlefield and deal considerable damage. They are an invaluable asset when used by you, and a dire threat when deployed against you. The relivily small price tag in Gold, Iron, and Time make it a fare investment; the lesser amount required for healing them still can cripple most early nations' stockpiles and tie up the Hospital.

Players who were active in the early days of the game were be issued a Sharp Shooter during the early missions, and prior to the 1.2, you can unlock the creation of sharp shooters by completing the A Terrible Boar complete quest chain to be able to unlock them.

Sharp Shooters are actually promoted Troopers who survived their first deployment in battle, and the story of their introduction seems to be famous around the Compound: Troopers whose lives depend on rifles are promoted to Rangers, but those who has the urge to use automatics in battle shall become powerful Rangers. Sharp Shooters equip the long-ranged M-9 Designated Marksman Rifle, a bolt-action rifle in service since Emperor Conrad's border wars many years ago. Smarter than the average Trooper, they are made to survive under certain occasions and environments, while focusing on situations even Vehicles can't solve,such as defeating units behind Riots and Tanks and striking a critical knockout at a powerful Infantry unit.

Contributor's Note: It was long suspected to be the quest "How to Kill People From A Very Long Way Away", where Cassidy wants to watch you train a few soldiers and dispenses tips on shooting. However, it appears there is either another part of the event flag, or it is not triggering correctly. Stay tuned for more information. Kereminde 04:02, January 22, 2012 (UTC)