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"A company run mining town that prospered selling iron to the Empire. Unfortunately, money can't do a lot about pollution or the general ennui of the overworked miners."
— In-game Description
Travel skarborough icon~ipad
Location level 35
Assistable Yes
Attackable No
Spawns None


Skarborough is a large mining town located in the eastern part of the Southern Frontier. Its leader is Sheriff Pierce, grandson of Judge Pierce the leader of Bernmoth. The town's main products are Steel, Concrete, and Coal, which the player can acquire in small quantities by assisting local buildings.

Eventually, Lt. Morgan brokers a deal between Skarborough the town of Sundale, trading Skarborough steel and coal for food from the Sundale hippies. When Henderson incites labor riots anyway, Lt. Morgan plays both sides against Tronk, who had taken over Warlord Gantas' Fortress. After fighting their mutual enemy, the two factions develop a greater respect for one another and work out a peaceful solution to the labor conflict. 

In a later mission, it is where the player encounters the Rogue Radio Tech in the encounter titled The Final Countdown.