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Small Warehouse
ResourceDepotSmall icon
Building Type Resource
Population Resource population -8
Size Size 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 7
Gold Gold 9,000
Stone Stone 500
Construction Time Time 4h
Sell Price Gold 10
Reward for Raiding Gold 50
Reward for Occupation Gold 190

"The Small Warehouse allows you to store 500 of each resource. Build several, and then sit back and relax as your Haulers fill up your warehouses with valuable goods!"
— In-game Description


The Small Warehouse increases resource storage by 500 and requires 8 workers. Building storage capacity is expensive but vital to progression in the game. It takes 7 Small Warehouses to hold enough resources to build the next step up, the Warehouse.

Once you unlock the Warehouse, it is highly recommended to replace Small Warehouses with them, since they require the same 8 workers but hold as much as 2 small warehouses. Alternatively, you can choose to get enough Resource-nanopod Nanopods to buy a Storage Vault, which holds four times the resources of a Small Warehouse and requires half the workers to keep it running. More advanced options include the Large Warehouse and High Capacity Vault.