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Solar Power Plant
Building Type Shop
Bonus Type Shops
Demand Category None
Population Resource population.png -3
Population When Inactive Resource population.png -1
Size Size.png 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 61
Gold Resource-Gold.png 500,000
Steel Resource-steel.png 10,000
Construction Time Resource-time.png 6h
Sell Price Resource-Gold.png 1,000
Reward for Raiding Resource-Gold.png 150
Reward for Occupation Resource-Gold.png 570

"XP and Gold for solar power? Amazing! Ditch the coal plants and forced grandma labor for an eco-friendlier option. One Solar Power Plant is equal to twelve resource-stripped family farms."
— In-game Description


The Solar Power Plant is a high-level shop yielding Resource-xp.png 2500 and Resource-Gold.png 1500 every 24 hours.

It has a relatively high building cost of Resource-Gold.png 500,000 and Resource-steel.png 10,000

The Solar Power Plant does not use up any Demand category which increases its usefulness.


Solar Power Plant
Collection Interval Resource-time.png1d
XP Reward Resource-xp.png2,500
Gold Reward Resource-Gold.png1,500