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Sovereign Navy emblem and logo.


The Sovereign Navy is a naval faction added in the 4.5 Patch. It seeks to conquer Ateria and Captain Pike's independent colony, named Port City.


The Sovereign Navy is part of an Empire that is believed to have conquered other lands through its naval superiority. It is stated by Karin Winters in the mission "Pike's Place" that the Sovereign Navy is responsible for driving out the once-peaceful Reef Bandits from their small islands.

It is stated in the mission "In With the Tide" that some individuals felt that the rate of expansion of the Sovereign Navy's homeland was happening too quickly and the seemingly never-ending massacre of indigenous people was too much, and thus rebelled. Captain Pike leads this rebel movement and has set up the independent colony "Port City", far from the Sovereign Navy homeland, for his followers to come to.

Player Units[]

All Sovereign units are playable as their Imperial-skinned counterparts. The Sovereign units are simply recolored Imperial units.

Enemy Units[]

Ship gunboat front nowater Ship destroyer med front nowater Ship submarine front nowater Ship battleship med front nowater Ship battleship super front nowater
Gunboat Destroyer Submarine Battleship Raptor-Class Battleship Mammoth-Class
Ship raft trooper front nowater Ship mini sub front nowater Ship minelayer front nowater Ship tactical sub front nowater
Navy Trooper Mini Sub Minelayer Destroyer Tactical Submarine


Veh air biplane front Veh air helicopter front Air jet fighter front Air ww2 fighter front
Sopwith Spiderwasp BC-1 Snake V-14 Maverick L-60 Hawker Hurricane
Veh air dirigible front Air corsair front Air bomber front Air attack helicopter front
ZR6-6 Dirigible Thundercloud F10 Z2-18 Bomber UH-1B SkyRaptor
Air warthog front
B10 Wild Boar


Def buoy nowater Def mine nowater Def whirlpool
Buoy Floating Mine Whirlpool


Boss ship dreadnought front nowater

NPC Characters[]

Npc navy trooper full
Navy Trooper


Boss Strike[]

Navy BossStrike Background

Boss Strike background

The following Boss Strikes featured Sovereign forces:

Npc navy boss mission Boss Strike 16: Sovereign Forces
Npc sw event boss mission Boss Strike 17: Boss Enforcer Shrow's Raid
Npc sw event boss mission Boss Strike 19: Boss Enforcer Shrow's Raid


The following locations are associated with Sovereign forces:


Mission Icons[]

Encounter Icons[]