SpecOps Center
SpOps icon
Building Type Military
Population Resource population -3
Size Size 6 x 6
Unlocked Level 24, Unique
Iron Resource-iron 6,650
Concrete Resource-concrete 5,000
Gold Bars Resource-bars 40
Construction Time Resource-time 1d 12h
Sell Price Resource-Gold 10 Resource-iron 10
Reward for Raiding Resource-bars 1
Reward for Occupation Resource-bars 4

"A top-secret training facility for the deadliest warriors the Empire produces. This building unlocks rare and powerful high-end soldiers. You're not a true commander until you've deployed a deadly Commando on the battlefield."
— In-game Description


The SpecOps Center is required to build elite units, such as the Sniper, Assassinater, and the Commando. This building can be considered very hard to obtain in earlier levels due to the Resource-bars 40 cost. On top of that, players will need to scrape together a lot of Resource-iron Iron and Resource-concrete Concrete.

The easiest ways to obtain Bars are to occupy another player's SpecOps Center or to simply receive them as a Boss Strike Tier reward.

For more information on Bars and obtaining them, see:


1.2 Patch

  • Players are limited to 1 SpecOps Center on their Outpost.



SpecialOps active