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Spiderwasp Egg
Short Name Egg
Affiliation Critters
Unit Type Spiderwasp-Critter-Ignorable-Defense
Blocking Blocking
Immunities Suppressor flammable icon Explosive
StatusEffect-fire Fire
StatusEffect-frozen Freeze
StatusEffect-poison Poison
Suppressor shatter icon Shatter
Suppressor shell icon Shell
StatusEffect-stun Stun
Base Defense

Damage piercing 80%
Damage crushing 80%
Damage explosive 80%
Damage fire 50%
DamageCold 45%

Armor Defense

Damage piercing 75%
Damage crushing 75%
Damage explosive 75%
Damage fire 25%
DamageCold 45%

Encounter Lvls 66
Stat-HP HP 600
Stat-Armor Armor 270
Stat-Bravery Bravery 0
Black shield Defense 15
Stat-Dodge Dodge 5
Unit Value 35
Resource-SP SP Reward 140
Gold Gold Reward 700
Spawn on Death Air spiderwasp striker icon Spiderwasp Drone
Notes Not actually ignorable since it spawns a non-ignorable Spiderwasp Drone.


The enemy Spiderwasp Egg is an enemy Spiderwasp unit added in the 4.0 Patch and is found only in battles in the Spiderwasp Nest.


Egg66 AcidCloud Damage
Attack Icon UnitAbility poisonGas icon
Targetable Unit Types
Air X mark
LTA X mark
Soldier Yes check
Sniper Yes check
Vehicle Yes check
Tank Yes check
Metal Yes check
Critter Yes check
Civilian Yes check
Sea X mark
Ship X mark
Damage Damage fire 111-150
Offense 51
Range 1
Line of Fire Indirect (Fixed)
Cooldown 7 Rounds
Crit 5%
Effects StatusEffect-poison 55% (3 Turns)



    Weapon Animation
    Idle Def spiderwasp egg front idle
    Acidic Covering Def spiderwasp egg front attack Def spiderwasp egg back attack