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Travel spiderwasp cave icon
Spiderwasp Nest
Location level 66
Assistable No
Attackable No
Spawns EncounterIcon royal spiderwasp Royal Spiderwasps
EncounterIcon spiderwasp queen icon Spiderwasp Queen
Status Effects BN iconFire Environmental Fire DoT

"The Battle Nations world continues to grow with the all new Spiderwasp Nest! Do you dare to venture in? Be warned, low ceilings and hanging rocks in this mysterious and dark new land will change the way you do battle."
— 4.0 Patch Notes

"Spiderwasps, lava, radioactive material, collapses... This cave has more than the usual number of ways to kill you."
— In-game Description


The Spiderwasp Nest is a location that was added in the 4.0 Patch. It is also the place where players will encounter the Spiderwasp Queen, along with an assortment of her Royal Spiderwasps, including the Royal Spiderwasp Worker, Royal Spiderwasp Warrior, Royal Spiderwasp Striker, and the Royal Spiderwasp Drone.

Battles here include a weak fire DoT (StatusEffect-fire), which does about 12 damage per turn to units that don't have immunity to Fire. Due to low ceilings, Vehicles and Aircraft cannot be used in battles in this zone.

The Spiderwasp Queen continues to spawn here after you've defeated it for the first time.

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  • Judging from the Battle Map, the battles appear to be in the area with the giant skull on the map. There is also a weird blue fungus on the map.
  • Sandworm bones along with bigfoot skulls can be found scattered around the area.
  • Small worms will also appear coming in and out of the skulls eye sockets.