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Floyd Spiderwasps

Spiderwasp concept art.


Spiderwasps are a faction introduced in the 2.4 Patch. They are known to the raiders as the "Spiderwaspbearbeetles". They first appear when Morgan and Floyd go investigating to Bigfoot Country to find out what was driving the Bigfoots away. They are not very tough when compared to other units that appear at higher levels, such as the Silver Wolves and the Rebel Army. In the 4.0 Patch, the Spiderwasp Nest was added along with a series of Royal Spiderwasps and the Spiderwasp Queen as a repeatable boss.


They are apparently split up into 4 "castes" one being the weaker "Workers", the sturdy and stronger "Warriors", the long ranged "Strikers" and the winged "Drones". Floyd and Perkins also have their first encounter with the Spiderwasp Queen while testing Chemical C in Bigfoot Country.

Player Units[]

S spiderwasp spitter front S spiderwasp warrior 70 front Def spiderwasp egg front
Battlewasp Striker Royal Spiderwasp Warrior Spiderwasp Egg

Enemy Units[]

Regular Spiderwasps[]

S spiderwasp worker front S spiderwasp warrior front S spiderwasp spitter front Air spiderwasp striker front
Spiderwasp Worker Spiderwasp Warrior Spiderwasp Striker Spiderwasp Drone

Royal Spiderwasps[]

S spiderwasp worker 70 front S spiderwasp warrior 70 front S spiderwasp spitter 70 front Air spiderwasp striker 70 front Def spiderwasp egg front
Royal Spiderwasp Worker Royal Spiderwasp Warrior Royal Spiderwasp Striker Royal Spiderwasp Drone Spiderwasp Egg


Boss spiderwasp queen front
Spiderwasp Queen


Boss Strike[]

The following Boss Strikes featured Spiderwasp units:

Template npc missionObjective raptorRaider Boss Strike 5: Yuzul the Raptor Trainer
Npc raider event boss mission Boss Strike 8: The Battle of Shaman Kuros (only Spiderwasp Drones)
Npc raider bossesv2 boss mission Boss Strike 12: Raider Warlord Challenge
Template npc missionObjective raptorRaider Boss Strike 14: Yuzul the Raptor Trainer
Template npc missionObjective raptorRaider Boss Strike 20: Yuzul the Raptor Trainer


Travel spiderwasp cave icon

The following locations are associated with Spiderwasps:


Mission Icons[]

Encounter Icons[]