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"A bucolic and fertile farming village, it's nevertheless plagued by a great scourge that threatens the entire frontier: every single villager is a freakin' hippie."
— In-game Description
Travel sundale icon~ipad
Location level 35
Assistable Yes
Attackable No
Spawns none


Sundale is a self-described anarcho-syndicalist commune, led by chief foreman Jonesy. They are a pacifist farming town that holds dear all traditional "hippie" values. There are several farms located here that can be assisted for Gold and Merits.

Lt. Morgan orchestrates a deal between Sundale and Skarborough, trading Sundale farming produce for Skarbourough's steel and coal. Some hippies, led by Henderson, take issue with the labor conditions in Skarborough and instigate labor riots; Lt. Morgan resolves this issue by playing both sides against Tronk, showing them how much they actually have in common with each other. Later on, it is attacked by Silver Wolves with a returned Warlord Gantas, who is working with them.