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Level: 10
Npc TF2Heavy full I attack this like I attack everything: WITH ALL I HAVE!!! Pillbox icon Build 2 Pillboxes!
Job bakery sandvich icon Make Sandvich at Bakery! x 3
NpcRebel icon Kill many cowards!
Cost: Resource-time 3h, Gold 600
Reward: XP 350
Followup: Good Old Fashioned Shooting Contest
Start mission
Npc TF2Heavy full Yoo hoo! Scouuuut! Where are yoooooou?
Morgan2 Uh, Ramsey? How'd this weirdo get past our perimeter?
Npc TF2Heavy full I am not weirdo! I am Misha, Heavy weapons guy! I here because—
Morgan2 Yeah, I don't have time to care. You don't look like a Rebel, but if you don't want us to toss you into a cell, you'll have to prove to us that you won't kill us all.
Rustle up some chow, take care of those Rebels attacking us, shore up our defenses… Whatever. Perkins, watch him while he does that.
Npc noob full Er… What am I supposed to do against HIM if he does try to kill us all…?
Morgan2 I said I don't have time to care, didn't I? I did say that, right?
Finish mission
Morgan2 Hey, this sandvich… uh, sandwich isn't bad! You're not such a bad guy after all.
Npc noob full THAT'S all it took?
Morgan2 That's what's important to me right now. I was hungry!
So, uh… "Heavy weapons guy," what were you saying you were doing here? Y'know, the part I interrupted because I didn't care then?
Npc TF2Heavy full I work for company called BLU. I am looking for comrade Scout who went poof around here. He is short, scrawny, little boy.
Morgan2 Hey, we have one of those! Do you want ours?
Reward screen
Npc noob full That was hurtful, sir.

Good Old Fashioned Shooting Contest[]

Level: 10 Prereq: Crossover
Npc sergeant full Oh, yeah, is good! I love a good shooting competition! NpcRebel icon Fight Rebels with Ramsey and the Heavy!
Reward: XP 400
Followup: Scout's Honor
Start mission
Morgan2 Man, that Heavy weapons guy sure did a number on those Rebels! Ramsey, I think I might have another friend in the "big violent guy with a huge gun" category!
Npc sergeant full
Look, Mister… uh, Heavy, we're the Imperial Army. We're a highly trained and cohesive fighting force. We can't go accepting a stranger just because they happen to be able to shoot well.
Npc TF2Heavy full No, I shoot GOOD! I kill more of your Rebels than anyone!
Npc sergeant full Anyone…? Sorry to disagree, but *I'm* the top Rebel shooter around here.
Npc TF2Heavy full Then we have contest! We go shoot Rebels! Highest body count wins! Is good, yes?
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full Whew! That was a pretty good workout! How many Rebels did you take down, Heavy?
Npc TF2Heavy full So many, I lose count! Piles and PILES of them! Hahahahaha!
Npc sergeant full Same here! Hah, you really aren't such a bad guy! Hell, welcome to the Outpost!
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full It's been a long time since I've met someone with my kind of interests!

Scout's Honor[]

Level: 10 Prereq: Good Old Fashioned Shooting Contest
Npc TF2Heavy full I show latest in BLU training techniques! Tf2 hero scout icon Train 2 Scouts at the Barracks
Reward: XP 400
Followup: Raptor Rescue
Start mission
Npc sergeant full Morgan, I think we should find the Scout that my buddy here is looking for. He may have some valuable intel. We might even convince him to help us out too.
Morgan2 It's worth a shot. So where is he?
Npc TF2Heavy full If I knew, I not look here! I find him already!
Morgan2 Huh, the man has a point.
You know, maybe it takes a Scout to find a Scout. If we can train some of our guys to think like he does, we might have better luck.
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full Well, the men are trained up. They look a little… weird without the gas masks, but they seem to have the skills we need.
Morgan2 Fan them out across the area. Have them report anyone who looks or is acting strange.
Npc mechanic full~ipad Hey, LT, I finished that new automated milkshake machine I was tellin' ya about! Only it's still a little, uh, homicidal, so don't turn it on just yet, okay?
Morgan2 … I mean besides us.
Reward screen
Npc TF2Heavy full My comrades not as strange as you people.

Raptor Rescue[]

Level: 10 Prereq: Scout's Honor
Npc TF2Heavy full I get to shoot so many things! Is good day! Mapicon Go to the Raptor Nest
Raptor icon Save the Scout from the raptors!
Reward: XP 450
Notes: You must not kill the Scout in this battle.
Followup: Calling the Gang Together
Start mission
Npc noob full Sir! We've gotten reports of someone who fits the Scout's description at the Raptor Nest!
Npc TF2Heavy full What are these "raptors"? Good to shoot?
Morgan2 Only if you enjoy having your intestines inside your body. Come on, we'd better get going before you have to retrieve your friend with a mop and bucket.
Finish mission
Npc TF2Scout full Yo, Mickey, yer a sight for sore eyes! I was almost lizard chow! Who're dese bozos with ya?
Morgan2 "Bozos" who just saved your life, and are carrying highly sophisticated weaponry. Hint hint.
So, Scout-whose-name-I-don't-know, what were you doing here in the first place?
Npc TF2Scout full Ehh, I got lost. Oh, but Mickey! I found out sumptin'! Sumptin' BIG!
Npc TF2Heavy full About mission?
Npc TF2Scout full Yeah!
Morgan2 Wait, what did you find out? What mission? What were you doing sneaking around to begin with?
Reward screen
Morgan2 Hey, isn't someone gonna answer me?! Hey!!

Calling the Gang Together[]

Level: 13 Prereq: Raptor Rescue
Morgan2 This is technically insubordination, but keeping Zoey busy makes her happy. Job machine radio interceptor icon Build an Encoded Radio at the Tool Shop
Raptor icon Defeat the Raptors
Cost: Resource-time 4h, Gold 1,100, Iron 250
Reward: XP 400
Followup: RED Right Hand
Start mission
Morgan2 Okay, you people have exactly five seconds to tell me what's going on before I start volunteering you both for Floyd's genetic experiments.
Npc TF2Scout full See, we're on a real vital mission! We're fightin' a company called RED. My team an' I have been all over this place, trying to find their base so we can take the important item they got! And I found out where it is!
Npc TF2Heavy full The base? Yes! We must tell comrades at once!
Morgan2 Great, there are more of you? No, no, really, I'm thrilled.
Npc TF2Scout full I'd call 'em, only my radio kinda got clawed up by those raptors, and none of yours got the frequency codes I need.
Npc mechanic full~ipad No problem! We got a Tool Shop here you can use to make yer own!
Npc TF2Scout full Cool! But, uh… Looks like some o' those raptors followed us back here. Guess I must smell good, huh? Heh...
Finish mission
Npc TF2Scout full Got 'em! Beta Team's gonna meet up with us at the coordinates I gave 'em!
Npc TF2Heavy full Good! Well, friend Ramsey? Join us?
Npc sergeant full I just gotta grab my gun. Let's do this!
Morgan2 Why are people making decisions without consulting me? Is this, like, one of those things where I'm really dead and nobody can hear me? Hello? I'm pretty sure I still outrank almost everyone here.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Perkins, front and center! I gotta exert some unnecessary authority!

RED Right Hand[]

Level: 13 Prereq: Calling the Gang Together
Npc engineer full~ipad That's why I always wear the hard hat. Mapicon Go to the World Map
Followup: RED Right Hand
Start mission
Morgan2 Okay, fine, where is this RED base?
Npc TF2Scout full It's northwest of here. We got no idea what to expect.
Morgan2 Of course not. Floyd, Zoey, hold down the fort while we're gone.
Zoey, if Floyd tries to insurrect, hit him with a wrench.

RED Right Hand[]

Level: 13 Prereq: RED Right Hand
Morgan2 … Private?!? Mapicon Go to the World Map
NpcRebel icon Defeat the RED forces
Reward: XP 400
Followup: Man Up, Soldier!
Start mission
Npc TF2Soldier full Mikhail, finally! Where the hell have you been?! In case you haven't noticed, we're in the middle of a MISSION here!
Npc TF2Heavy full Making friends! Here they are!
Npc TF2Soldier full Friends? Friends?!? This is WAR! Friends are for the weak and underprivileged!
Morgan2 Fine, we're *allies*, though I regretted that decision even before this conversation.
Npc TF2Soldier full Well, why didn't you say so? Welcome aboard, private! Your mission is to help us ANNIHILATE these mewling RED pansies guarding their base!
Finish mission
Npc TF2Demoman full Ach, who were those howlin' scunners with the RED tossers? I ha'nt seen the likes of them before.
Npc sergeant full We have. Guess the Rebels teamed up with RED.
Morgan2 Y'know, it's oddly comforting to always expect the worst. You're never unpleasantly surprised.
Reward screen
Morgan2 It's served me well so far.

Man Up, Soldier![]

Level: 13 Prereq: RED Right Hand
Morgan2 Eh, I prefer Imperial methods. They're elegant in their efficient sadism. Tf2 hero soldier icon Train 3 Soldiers at the Barracks
Job toolshop rocketammo icon Build 3 Rocket Ammo at the Tool Shop
Cost: Resource-time 6h, Gold 3,600
Reward: XP 400
Followup: And Away We Go!
Start mission
Morgan2 If the Rebels and RED are fighting together, we're going to need some kind of edge. Otherwise, I'd just start hashing out the details for our terms of surrender. You know, something with a little poetry to it.
Npc TF2Soldier full I'll tell you what would be an edge: MORE OF ME!
Morgan2 Alright, well, why don't you go supervise the training of some of our troops at the barracks in your ... unique style.
That way, you leave me alone for a bit AND I get to go do something more important. I can't think of anything right now so maybe a nap? Yeah, that sounds good.
Npc TF2Soldier full Now you're making sense! I'll show those pansies the sheer BRUTALITY of BLU training techniques!
Finish mission
Npc noob full Sir? Why do we have so many extra crates of rocket ammunition lying around?
Morgan2 Those BLU Soldiers burn through twice as many rockets as Imperials since they seem to spend half their time doing idiotic things like...
Npc TF2Soldier full Whoooooooo!!!
Npc noob full Oh my god! Did you see that Lieutenant? That guy just blasted himself into the air like 30 feet!
Morgan2 Yeah. That's one of the idiotic things I was talking about.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Such a waste of military resources.

And Away We Go![]

Level: 13 Prereq: Man Up, Soldier!
Morgan2 I'd even take an adequate bourbon at this point. Mapicon Go to the RED Base
Followup: Punch Through!
Start mission
Npc TF2Demoman full Cummoan ya bampots! That RED Base isn't about ta breach itself! We need ta get moving!
Npc TF2Soldier full Stay sharp, men! Our objective is in sight! We march on the RED base at once! Failure is NOT AN OPTION!
Morgan2 Is a nice bourbon an option? Because I'd rather take that.

Punch Through![]

Level: 13 Prereq: And Away We Go!
Morgan2 Seriously!? That was RIGHT in my ear! NpcRebel icon Defeat the RED Forces
Mapicon Go to the RED Base
Followup: Almost There...
Start mission
Morgan2 Well, we're finally here and that RED base is over there, crawling with Rebels and versions of you guys wearing red uniforms. This was a nice walk. I think I'll go back to the Outpost now.
Npc sergeant full We've come all this way, sir. Shouldn't we help them out a bit? You've seen what these guys can do in a fight. Having evil versions running around with our enemy seems like a bad idea.
Morgan2 Uggghhhhhhhh! Fine. Let's go do the "responsible" thing instead of doing the thing I want to do. Man, I'm thirsty. Can I have a swig of your soda?
Npc TF2Soldier full ATTAAAACK!

Almost There...[]

Level: 13 Prereq: Punch Through!
Npc TF2Heavy full Natascha is hungry! NpcRebel icon Defeat the RED Forces!
Mapicon Go to the RED Base
Followup: Capture the WHAT?!
Start mission
Npc TF2Scout full We're through their outer defenses! I can practically feel the prize in my hands already!
Npc TF2Heavy full Scout says true things. I see more enemies to kill though!
Npc sergeant full Incoming second wave! Prepare for battle, troops!

Capture the WHAT?![]

Level: 13 Prereq: Almost There...
Morgan2 Little Timmy better watch that vibrato! NpcRebel icon Defeat the RED Forces!
Mapicon Go to the RED Base
Reward: XP 1,500
Start mission
Npc sergeant full One more push and we'll have the item, sir.
Morgan2 Excellent news Ramsey. Let's get this over with quickly so we can go back to fighting our regular enemies. If we beat these guys fast enough, there's still enough time to make it home for the weekly orphanage talent show.
I'm a judge this week!
Finish mission
Morgan2 Wait… THAT'S your "valuable objective"? A FLAG?!
Npc TF2Demoman full What were ye expectin', lad? Gold? Haggis? A briefcase o' military intelligence?
Morgan2 I mean... Yes?
Npc TF2Scout full It's not just a flag! It's a symbol of PRIDE, man! Of VICTORY!
Morgan2 I hate you all.
Reward screen
Morgan2 No, really, every single one of you should die in a fire. ESPECIALLY the Pyro guy.