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The Ancients
Faction Type Neutral
Operating Region Northern Frontier
Main Enemy Attacks invaders
Current Status Extinct; robots defending ruins
Current Leader Unknown leader
Notable NPCs None
Government Type Unknown government
Battle Icon RndEnc 25 boss construct iconLandEncounter ancientSentinel icon
Special Loot Gears Gears
Bars Bars
Resource-chem Chemical Vials
Resource-widget Widgets
Resource-laurels Laurels


The Ancients were people who possessed extremely advanced knowledge in technology and how to wield it, constructing buildings and deadly defenses that still remain operational half a millennium after the Ancients themselves died out.

Unfortunately, the only remains of the Ancients' technological advancements today have been found in destroyed and ransacked ruins, with one ruin restricted by the Empire, the Ancient Laboratory.


Mentions of the mysterious Ancients were first found in the mission Wisdom of the Ancients when Percival explained what the mysterious object Lt. Morgan and the 95th Rifle Company had recovered after first raiding the Raider Sanctuary, led by Elder Taos. The mysterious object generated gold, being called by Ancients as a "Money Tree", but later being called the Ancient Artifact by Morgan once Percival had explained what its purpose was when Morgan had called it junk.

Much later, the Raider Kids discover Ancient Ruins north from the Outpost, saying "they look like stuff from before" while practicing with their own customized Mini Tank. After Morgan and the 95th Rifles check out the ruins with the promise of nanopods, they discover Percival is there, who says, after being confronted, "In point of fact, I was packing up empty handed. This particular site has old defenses still active. Powerful machines stalk the land. I don't recommend facing them in battle." Abruptly, the Ancient Construct is encountered, possessing powerful, penetrating lasers and arms that can "slap" rows of the player's units.

Later, in the mission Uranium or Mine?, Perkins and Floyd discover a Uranium mine, but say it's too new for Ancients to have dug, but far too old for any other civilization The Empire knows of, presenting a strange mystery that could hint of surviving Ancients or another, undiscovered civilization.

When the player reaches Level 50 (and has defeated the Ancient Construct), Percival reveals that the Ancient Construct was just a garbage robot, smelting and throwing away trash, with not much defensive capabilities. He also states that by defeating the Construct, the 95th Rifles had awakened stronger defenses, like the Ancient Sentinel, with a sole goal to destroy anyone who trespasses the Ancient Ruins.

Later, after Percival and Perkins visit the Boar Badlands and clear out hostile boars, they discover a broken but-still-flying Ancient messenger drone, carrying coordinates to the Ancient Vault. After taking the message, they follow the coordinates to the supposed Ancient Vault and discover Raiders had set up shop near it, a small, sparse village. After raptors "accidentally" escape from their pens, Percival and Perkins dispatch the distracted Raiders guarding the worshiped Vault and break it open. Surprisingly, they find cheap toys and tourist-like-trinkets in it, disappointing Percival, resulting in Perkins trying to cheer him up.

Long after the fall of the Empire, Percival asks Morgan if he can take Perkins on an expedition to the previously restricted Sector 8, otherwise known as the Ancient Laboratory. When they arrive at the Laboratory, they encounter scavenging Silver Wolves who are unknowingly checking out equipment that had the capability of destroying the Northern Frontier. After defeating them and building a Portable Wall to get through a series of ancient sentry defenses, Percival and Perkins discover a special item in the vault that glowed red. Percival takes it quickly, departing with haste and shrugging off Perkins' many questions of what the item was and what it did.

Player Units[]

DexterFragment Profile Veh ancient robot player clone front Veh ancient sentry front Air ancient fragment front
Dexter Fragment
Sinister Fragment
Imitator Fragment Ancient Sentry Flying Dexter Fragment
Veh ancient robot 2 player right front Veh ancient robot 2 player left front
Ranged Sentinel Fragment Melee Sentinel Fragment

Enemy Units[]

DexterFragment Profile Veh ancient robot player clone front Veh ancient robot clone trap mission front Veh ancient sentry front Air ancient fragment front
Dexter Fragment Imitation Fragment Experiment X17 Ancient Sentry Flying Dexter Fragment


Hero ancient robot front Hero i17 ancient robot clone front AncientSentinelFull
Ancient Construct
Ancient Construct (Boss Strike version)
Experimental Construct Ancient Sentinel
Main Body
Melee Weapon System
Ranged Weapon System


Boss Strike[]

Boss Strike mad scientist 1136x640

Dr. Vogel

The following Boss Strikes featured Ancients units:

Npc silverwolves scientist boss mission Boss Strike 10: Dr. Vogel

Invasion Competition[]

SW Ancient Tech Invasion

The following Invasion Competitions featured Ancients units:


Powerplant icon

The following buildings and/or decorations are associated with Ancients:


Travel ancientVaultRuins icon@2x

The following are locations associated with Ancients:


  • Percival once stated that the Ancients were distant from nature.
  • The Ancients have the highest boss count of any faction in Battle Nations.


Encounter Icons[]