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Sandworm Parasite

(Aka. The Sacred Passenger)

Participants: Perkins, Blades in Moonlight


The Sacred Passenger is a sacred Raider ritual, and is first mentioned by Elder Taos. The ritual involves swallowing a sand worm parasite, which appears to make the person talk in riddles and behave oddly.In Raider culture, the parasite is known as The Sacred Passenger, and brave warriors sometimes seek to prove their strength by ritually consuming it. 


The only known participants in this ritual were Crazy Blades and Perkins, although there could be several more. It had numerous side effects upon them both, though Perkins' did not seem to suffer permanent damage, unlike Crazy Blades. In a series of missions, Perkins accidentally ingests a sandworm parasite. This often causes madness or death, and the long-term effect on Perkins is still unknown.