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Veh raider mammoth rockets 55 front
Total War Mammoth
Short Name Total War
Affiliation Raiders
Unit Type Critter-Tank
Blocking Blocking
Base Defense

Damage crushing 85%
Damage explosive 85%
Damage fire 125%

Armor Defense

Damage piercing 50%
Damage crushing 25%
Damage fire 50%

Encounter Lvls 55
Stat-HP HP 400
Stat-Armor Armor 200
Stat-Bravery Bravery 35
Black shield Defense 25
Stat-Dodge Dodge 10
Unit Value 42
Resource-SP SP Reward 168
Gold Gold Reward 840


The Total War Mammoth is the third tier of the rocket-mounted, raider-ridden Mammoths, and is more dangerous than the Tough Raider War Mammoth. It has a combined Stat-Armor-HP Armor and HP of 600, and the unpredictable, yet destructive nature of its rocket attacks will thwart the most carefully planned out defense. These rocket attacks can focus and wipe out even the strongest units, or leave tanks stripped of their Stat-Armor Armor and vulnerable to the rest of the Raiders that the Total War tends to accompany.

The Total War Mammoth has a second attack specifically for vehicles. It is a targeted, high accuracy, armor-piercing attack with a high chance to deal critical damage, obliterating light vehicles or severely weakening even the strongest tanks.

Players should take caution when facing the Total War Mammoth and prioritize its destruction, StatusEffect-stun Stun or StatusEffect-frozen Freeze it, or rely on dumb luck that its 9 rockets do not find any targets.

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Ammo: 2
Reload: 3 Rounds
TotalWar55 HugeStrike Damage
Attack Icon UnitAbility tronk rockets large icon
Targetable Unit Types
Air Yes check
LTA Yes check
Soldier Yes check
Sniper Yes check
Vehicle Yes check
Tank Yes check
Metal Yes check
Critter Yes check
Civilian Yes check
Sea X mark
Ship X mark
Damage Damage explosive 33-68 (x9)
Offense 37
Range 1-5
Line of Fire Indirect
Cooldown 1 Round
Ammo Used 1
Crit 5%
Notes -15 Stat-Offense at max range
    Ammo: 1
    Reload: 5 Rounds
    TotalWar55 ParalyzingRocket Damage
    Attack Icon UnitAbility rockets 3circle icon
    Targetable Unit Types
    Air X mark
    LTA X mark
    Soldier X mark
    Sniper X mark
    Vehicle Yes check
    Tank Yes check
    Metal X mark
    Critter X mark
    Civilian X mark
    Sea X mark
    Ship X mark
    Damage Damage explosive 85-176
    Offense 73
    Range 1-4
    Line of Fire Precise
    Cooldown 5 Rounds
    Prep Time 2 Rounds
    Ammo Used 1
    Armor Piercing 75%
    Crit 5%
    80% vs. Vehicles
    Effects StatusEffect-stun 70% (3 Turns)


      2.9.8 Patch

      • Unit rebalanced:
        • HP Stat-HP reduced to 400, from 500.
        • Dodge Stat-Dodge reduced to 10, from 20.
        • Unit Value increased to 42, from 32.
        • Large Rockets damage reduced to 33-68 (x9), from 91-189 (x9).
        • Stun Shot damage reduced to 85-176, from 130-270.

      2.9 Patch

      • Unit added.