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TronkBase icon
Tronk's Base
Location level 25
Assistable No
Attackable Yes
Spawns None
Gold Gold
Stone Stone
Wood Wood
Iron Iron

"Tronk's Outpost. The most direct of Warlord Gantas' Lieutenants, his outpost looks sparse and undefended, but when most of its inhabitants can fire dozens of rockets from long distance, does it really need walls?"
— In-game Description


Tronk's Base is the home of Tronk who is one of Warlord Gantas' three lieutenants. The base is relatively sparse in Resources, but it does have some notable Iron, Gold, and Stone targets. Of the three lieutenant bases, Tronk's Base has the most powerful militia defending it, which makes it potentially valuable as a place to train Units and gather Resource-SP SP.

The player is required to come here and attack his iron nodes for the "Poking and Prodding" Mission.