Battle Nations Wiki

Dear fellow wiki users,

A long time has past since there was any interesting new content for Battle Nations. As a result, there was not a lot to do in-game as well as on the wiki. I can say I've taken a complete break from the game since two months now. With the lack of new content and some frustrations regarding the way the battle nations team treated their fanbase (silence), I also find myself logging into the wiki less and less.

Since I've spent a lot of time working on this wiki and having loads of fun with its users and administrators, I feel obliged to at least leave a note in the form of a blog post instead of silently disappearing from the radar (like Z2).

During my time as a wiki contributor, and later as administrator, I've seen this wiki grow immensely in both quality and quantity of articles. The wiki started as a small and simple wiki for existing content and has since then been transformed into a beautifully shaped complete database of all released and unreleased content. Game file updates were analyzed the second they were released (thanks Z2 for the predictable update times) and the content uploaded to the wiki within minutes. I learned a lot about wiki-markup and different types of coding. Most notably from the programs, scripts and bots Bobmath created, which allowed the administrators to do this so quickly and efficiently. It has been exciting to be able to "leak" information about new content to you as an active and grateful community.

Contributors and admins have come and gone, each offering something unique to the wiki and improving it with their uniqueness. However, I want to make a small expression of my gratitude to a few people that stood out to me: Josephyr, Drullkus, Bobmath (and Botmath), Peaskey, Lamosq, JS999 and the overlord The Wikia Contributor.

I can no longer dedicate myself fully so I have to take a (permanent) break from the wiki. The community meant and still means a lot to me. It's been a pleasure to work on the wiki as much as I have, and it felt nice to be appreciated.

Thanks for the great time! I'm not completely gone yet ;-)


Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Lapo90