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Victory at the Arena
Deco asyncmorgan statue icon
Building Type Bonus Decor
Buildings Affected Houses
Bonus Applied XP +12% Gold +10%
Bonus Radius 10
Limit per Building 1
Size Size 3 x 3
Unlocked Level 5, Arena Challenge, Unique
Gold Gold 10
Reward for Raiding Gold 100 Iron 15
Reward for Occupation Gold 380 Iron 57

"Strength, prowess, virility. This statue seems to exude each one with hostility. Note: Certain features of this statue have been exaggerated."
— In-game Description


The Victory at the Arena is a limited-time statue that could have been earned by completing the limited-time mission "Go! Fight! Win!", which required players to successfully defeat 40 Anytime PvP Battles. Along with unlocking the Victory at the Arena statue, players were awarded Resource-nanopod 60.

Added to the game files right before the first Arena Challenge, this decoration was originally expected to come out as a reward for Arena Challenge 1, however, it was officially released long after the event concluded.

This statue provides a XP +12% and Gold +10% bonus to Housing and Shops in its bonus radius of 10 and yields a small amount Iron along with some Gold when raided or occupied.


Go! Fight! Win![]

Level: 5 Prereq: Set Your Defense Formation
Morgan2 After we've crushed everyone, we'll build a glorious statue honoring this victory! Pvpbutton Win 40 Anytime PvP Fights
Reward: Resource-nanopod 30, unlocks Victory at the Arena
Start mission
Npc noob full Lieutenant Morgan, sir? We've received an anonymous cable from another Outpost.
Morgan2 It's been a while since we've heard from anyone else out here. What's it say?
Npc noob full It's a challenge, sir. They're questioning our masculinity and saying some derogatory things about our mothers. They also question whether we are "soldier enough" to meet them in the arena.
Morgan2 Hmmm, let me see that note... Soldier enough?! Who do these chumps think they are? Wake the men and ready the defenses! We'll show them who's "soldier enough"!
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full We did it, Lieutenant. We won.
Morgan2 Yes, we've won once, but what about next time? We've got a long road ahead of us but I feel that with enough troops, time, and bullets, we can achieve total victory over everything!
Npc sergeant full That seems a bit megalomaniacal, sir.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Hahahahahaaaa! I mean, let's get that statue built.

Go! Fight! Win! (Hidden)[]

Level: 5
Npc sergeant full Well done. Let's keep this momentum going. Comp combatArena icon Defeat 10 Async PvP Encounters
Reward: Resource-nanopod 10

Go! Fight! Win! (Hidden)[]

Level: 5
Morgan2 These numbers are looking good! High command will be pleased. Comp combatArena icon Defeat 20 Async PvP Encounters
Reward: Resource-nanopod 10

Go! Fight! Win! (Hidden)[]

Level: 5
Npc noob full Wow sir! You give me an ideal to strive for! Comp combatArena icon Defeat 30 Async PvP Encounters
Reward: Resource-nanopod 10



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