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Warlord Gantas' Fortress
Location level 30
Assistable No
Attackable Yes
Spawns None
Gold Gold
Stone Stone
Wood Wood

"The biggest and scariest warlord fortress you'll find in the contested northern territories."
— In-game Description


Warlord Gantas' Fortress is the home of Warlord Gantas, and is heavily fortified, sprawling across the edges of the map. This area is open after the Raiderlands mission is completed, and it becomes the subject of many missions after meant to soften up their defenses. The base itself has many Raider garrisons, Raider Watchtower, and Sturdy Watchtowers, making attacks very difficult without advanced Units. There are many targets that can be attacked for Resources, though nearly all of them yield only Gold.

After reaching the mission Some Men Left Behind, Warlord Gantas' fortress becomes inaccessible until you complete that mission. See Strange Bedfellows - Part 1 for the full details on the missions against Warlord Gantas.

Much later, Tronk later takes over the fortress, and after him, Sarin. Despite the changes in leadership, it is always called Warlord Gantas' Fortress.