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Water Tower
Deco watertower icon~ipad
Building Type Bonus Decor
Buildings Affected Agriculture
Bonus Applied XP +15%
Bonus Radius 4
Limit per Building 1 Irrigation
Size Size 2 x 2
Unlocked Level 21
Gold Gold 15,000
Iron Iron 1,500
Sell Price Wood 5
Reward for Raiding Gold 6
Reward for Occupation Gold 23

"A concrete beacon of hope in this somewhat barren land. Build it and they will come. Thirsty people, that is."
— In-game Description


The Water Tower is a bonus decoration giving a +15% XP bonus to nearby Agriculture.

Note that only 1 irrigation-type decoration will give its XP bonus to Agriculture, so this decoration can't be combined with the Earthen Reservoir or Concrete Reservoir.