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Weapons Research allow the player to unlock new attacks for a price. Some Units have additional weapons that are unlocked at certain Levels, and most of these cost Resource-nanopod Nanopods to research (only one weapon can be researched at a time). There are a few exceptions, such as the Rank 6 Wimp's attacks that can be researched for Gold, along with Chemical Vials and Laurels, which do not cost Resource-nanopod. Most researched weapons that don't cost nanopods cost tier 3 and/or tier 4 resources.

Once researched, the weapon must be assigned to a unit's ability slot in order to be used in battle.

In some cases, the unit will have fewer ability slots than available weapons; the player can choose to replace any existing weapons with the newly researched one. There are also a few cases where a unit unlocks an attack slot before a second attack is researchable. In this case, the player must wait to research an attack before equipping a second attack.

Moreover, when viewing the unit profile, the player can freely swap these weapons at anytime outside of combat.

The player should be cautious about deciding which weapons to equip for a given unit-type because some will change the unit's mode or type of attack entirely.