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Travel Ocean
Western Ocean
Location level 25
Prerequisite I Sat by the Ocean
Assistable No
Attackable No
Spawns Encounter ocean rb iconEncounter bay rb icon Reef Bandits
Encounter ocean snavy iconEncounter bay snavy icon Sovereign Navy
Encounter elite navy ocean iconEncounter elite navy bay icon Shadow Force Navy
Encounter ocean dreadnaught icon Dreadnought
Encounter kraken icon The Kraken

"Apparently this large body of water has been used by non-Imperials for years! And you just got around to exploring it. Tsk, tsk."
— In-game Description


The Western Ocean is a region that was added in the 4.5 Patch. It can be accessed after completing the mission A Whole New World at the westernmost part of the Northern Frontier (near Blade's Base). Random encounters of the Sovereign Navy and Reef Bandits spawn here. Additionally, the Dreadnought spawns here during the mission "The Worst Thing Imaginable" and the Kraken spawns here during the mission Oh Kraken, My Kraken.

Currently there are 4 locations that can be visited here:


Fishing Grounds[]

Lvl. 25

Travel fishingGrounds

"Mainly used by the Reef Bandits as their primary fishing area. Keep the noise down. You might scare the fish."

Port City[]

Lvl. 25

Travel PortCity

"Founded by Captain Pike and his crew after rejecting Sovereign ways, Port City may be a young settlement but it's a free society."

Trade Route[]

Lvl. 25

Travel TradeRoute

"Barring the occasional attack from rogue Reef Bandits, this path through the ocean is relatively safe. Don't linger though. Who knows what could happen?"

Reef Bandit Camp[]

Lvl. 31

Travel reefbanditcamp icon

"After removing the threat of the 'local inhabitants', this island isn't so bad! Sure, there are still some predators, lots of bugs, shark infested waters, sharp rocks...alright so it's still pretty bad."


  • The Western Ocean appears to have ancient tech on a few of its islands, as an ancient vault can be spotted along with a few other ruins. Furthermore, this ancient vault, if it is scaled correctly, is ginormous, even larger than the colony of Port City.