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"We've replaced the NPC List with a World View, so that you get a much bigger picture of the Battle Nations world as you're helping Sheriff Colt or demolishing Gantas' Fortress!"
— 1.3 Patch Notes


The World Map is a visual representation of the various regions of the continent of Ateria, added in the 1.3 Patch. Each region has a set of locations that can be visited by players. It is important to note that players do not unlock all regions when they start the game.


NOTE: Ordered by time of introduction. Clicking on a region reveals more in-depth explanations of the locations within it.

Travel NorthernFrontier icon.png Travel Ocean.png SouthernFrontier icon.png Heartland icon.png Icon travel frozen icon@2x.png
WorldMapHires.png WesternOceanMap.png FrontierHires.png HeartlandHires.png EasternWastesHires.png
Northern Frontier Western Ocean Southern Frontier Heartland Eastern Wastes