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Npc raider full
Status Alive
Gender Female
Rank/Title Dustwalker
Affiliation Raiders
Weapon Unknown
"Yenchka. It sounds like somebody holding in a sneeze."
— Lt. Morgan


Yenchka was first mentioned after completing the quest "Raiderlands".

She is known to live in the Raider Sanctuary with Elder Taos and the other friendly Raiders.

Nobody knows how Yenchka looks under her gas mask.

During the first few acquaintances between the Raiders and Imperials in the North, Lt. Morgan, Sergeant Ramsey and Perkins save the Raider Sanctuary from total destruction by Warlord Gantas, who sent Raiders to crush the Sanctuary because Elder Taos had allied with the Imperials. It is said that during the battle, Yenchka was saved by Lt. Morgan and therefore fell in love with him. This led to plenty of Raiders looking for Yenchka's dueling with Lt. Morgan to win her interest. So far, from Warriors to Brawlers to even Sarin, numerous Raiders have shown up to duel Morgan for her heart, coming very close at times. One of the duelists called her the most beautiful woman in their tribe.

Morgan later approaches Elder Taos, and asks him for advice. Taos reveals that Yenchka has rededicated herself to her Dustwalker training. When Morgan asks Taos where the training grounds are, Taos states that Morgan can earn the knowledge of the wherebouts by fighting a group of Dustwalkers. After winning the fight, the Raiders reveal that the training grounds are in the fields around Blade's Base.


The personality of Yenchka is unknown directly, but it is apparent there are a great many Raiders wanting to marry her. Perhaps because of the persistent duel wins by Morgan, she remains interested in him, until possibly he will be defeated by another Raider looking for her hand. It is hinted that she gave Lt. Morgan the Fallen Raider Statue.