Battle Nations Wiki
Npc raider full
Status Alive
Gender Male
Rank/Title Soldier
Affiliation Raiders, 95th Rifle Division
Weapon Musket

Raider frontRaider back idle
Affiliation Raiders
Unit Type Soldier
Blocking Partial
Stat-HP HP 250
Black shield Defense 50


Zenel is an allied Raider soldier who assists you in infiltrating Warlord Gantas' Fortress during the mission Strange Bedfellows. He has quite a strong attack, which like the Commando, deals x3 damage to a single target. Little is known what happens to him after Gantas is removed from power, but he is most likely living in the Raider Sanctuary with Elder Taos and the other friendly Raiders.


RaiderZenel back attack
Attack Icon UnitAbility gun 3shot icon
Weapon Musket
Damage Damage piercing 54-66 (x3)
Offense 46
Range 1-2
Line of Fire Direct
Cooldown 2 Rounds
Ammo Used 1