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Zombie 'Sploder
Deco zombieTrap4 icon~ipad
Building Type Decoration
Size Size 2 x 2
Unlocked Level 15, Evil Residents
Gold Gold 3,000
Wood Wood 500
Sell Price Wood 50
Reward for Raiding Gold 50
Reward for Occupation Gold 190

"Oh no, little Billy has wandered out into the Zombie apocalypse all by his lonesome! I certainly hope no Zombies bite his pressure sensitive, dynamite-esque flesh!"
— In-game Description


The Zombie 'Sploder "attracts" Infected encounters to your Outpost. These invaders scale in level based on your player level, and thus tend to be more interesting to fight than the ones that spawn on the World Map. Infected ecounter spawns will increase if you build one of these, or one of the other zombie decorations (with the exception of the Scarezombie).

However, after the Infected Outbreak it functions as simply a decoration with no added bonuses.

Players are required to build 3 of these to complete a 2013 Infected Mission "If you Can't Beat Them, Join Them".

Note: Available to build only during the Infected Outbreak.