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Zombie Hunter
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Affiliation Himself
Weapon Boom Stick, Ol' Trusty, Rex
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"The guy with the chainsaw says he's a Zombie Hunter, and that we've clearly got enemies."
— Ramsey


The Zombie Hunter is an NPC introduced in the 3.1 Patch. As his name suggests, he helps the player hunt down The Infected which roam the Northern Frontier for a limited time in October. His current status is unknown, but it is expected that he will return when the Infected begin to sprout up again.


When Recoil Ridge comes under attack by Cannoneers, Creepers, Shredders, and Stalkers (otherwise known as The Infected), Lt. Morgan and Sgt. Ramsey go down to help Sheriff Colt fend them off. When they engage the invading Infected, they encounter the Zombie Hunter, who helps Morgan and Ramsey wipe out the enraged monstrosities.

After they repel the Infected, the Zombie Hunter tells Ramsey (who tells Morgan) that he will take them to the Infected's source, with the source being in the western raider lands, near Tronk's Base. After that, the Zombie Hunter tells Ramsey that if they want any more help from him, they need to pay a price (assumed to be in Resource-nanopod). Oddly though, when Ramsey and Morgan go in and try to wipe out the Infected nest, the Zombie Hunter is present and players are able to use him in battle.

After Morgan and Ramsey clear out the nest, the Zombie Hunter disappears and is not encountered for the remainder of the limited time missions.


See Zombie Hunter.


See Zombie Hunter.


  • The Zombie Hunter never speaks, but only talks to Ramsey, who then tells Lt. Morgan and the player what the Zombie Hunter said.
  • The attack name for the Zombie Hunter's Boomstick ability, Double Tap, may be a reference to the action-comedy movie Zombieland, which is set in a zombie apocalypse. The main character emphasizes "double tapping".
  • Being a Zombie Hunter is not a real job, or so states Lt. Morgan.